Welcome to Sounds-creative.biz


Hello & welcome to Sounds-creative.

We are delighted to assist you to unleash your inner creativity. Our vision for sounds creative is specialise in a variety of creative products in pre-made, and do-it-yourself formats.  These products temporary tattoo’s, and DIY kits, soap making supplies and kits, completely natural skin care products, and a variety of associated supplies.  To see our available products please visit our store on http://stores.ebay.com.au/sounds-creative.

Of particular note, please check out our new “Lolly legs” range. 

This is an evolving range of unique products based around original artwork by a fantastic artist Laurel Retz.  This is exclusive to Sounds Creative and we are very proud of it.  Look out for more.

Sounds-creative have a regular email or paper mailing list that you can be placed on to keep you abreast of all the events and special offers as they unfold. Please email info@sounds-creative.biz if you wish to be added.

We offer friendly follow up service. If you have purchased products from us or completed a workshop and you have queries or wish to discuss anything with us. We are more than happy to spend as much time with you as necessary.